Financing Options Available in Capitol Heights, MD

We Make Driving Home the Vehicle of Your Dreams Easier than Ever

For those who have poor or no credit, don’t have the means, or have other financial obligations to tend to, purchasing a brand-new or preowned vehicle may seem out of reach. Here at Pohanka Automotive Group, however, we put your worries at ease with our financing options available in Capitol Heights, MD.

Getting behind the wheel of a new or used vehicle is as easy and convenient as ever, thanks to our various financing and leasing opportunities we offer. Here at Pohanka, we are proudly linked to several banks, lenders, credit unions, and financial institutions. Because of this, our financial representatives will be able to create a plan that works best for you and your lifestyle while staying within your preferred budget.

We at Pohanka are proud to offer an impressive inventory of new and used vehicles for our customers. Regardless of what you’re looking for, your budget, or preferences, you are sure to find the car best-suited for you. You can view what we have in stock right here on our site, where you’ll be able to view photos and the certain specifications of the vehicle. Not to mention, you can also request more information, value a trade-in, and send the information to a mobile device for easy accessibility.

When you opt to finance a vehicle, you’re essentially borrowing money from your lender. On a month-to-month basis, you’ll be responsible for paying back a predetermined amount of money. And, once you have paid back all that you borrowed, the car is officially yours! Our Finance Department caters to all financial backgrounds, so no matter what your credit may be, our representatives will find the payment plan that's perfect for you with one of our financing options available in Capitol Heights, MD.

Another one of our financing options includes leasing. Once your lease agreement ends, which ranges anywhere from one to three years, you will return the car back to us. For the duration of your lease, you’ll only have to pay towards the depreciation value of the vehicle, rather than the entirety of it. You’ll then have the opportunity to lease another vehicle, purchase the one you’d been driving at a predetermined cost, or turn in your keys and walk away at lease-end.

Stop by Pohanka Automotive Group today, where you can take a look at our inventory and discuss more about our financing options available in Capitol Heights, MD. We look forward to hearing from you!

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