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If you’ve had your eye on a certain car, but haven’t bit the bullet to purchase it because of its price, your financial situation, or the uncertainty of your future, no need to worry! Instead of a long-term financial commitment on a car, you should consider leasing. Leasing opens up a world of possibility, which is why a lot of people opt for it. Here at Pohanka Automotive Group, we make vehicle leasing in Maryland as easy and convenient as can be for you!

Whether you need an SUV for your family, a sports car for your own play, or a truck for work, we are sure to have you covered. Once you’ve chosen one of many vehicles we have, ranging from Nissan, to Mercedes, to Toyota, you’ll sit down with one of our skilled Finance Department associates and go over the terms. A typical lease agreement can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on what you agree upon. You'll also have to determine how many miles you’ll allot yourself for a year, so start tallying up the miles to and from work, picking the kids up from school, and weekly trips to the grocery store.

Since leasing is essentially the same as borrowing from us at Pohanka, you’ll only be paying towards the depreciation of the vehicle, rather than the entirety of it. This results in a lower monthly payment than if you were to finance, giving you more financial freedom in your everyday life. There is usually a low down payment, or even none at all when you lease, as well. Saving any amount of money is big, so leasing a car is the ideal solution for those who are on a tight budget, still in school, or have other financial obligations to tend to first.

Not only is vehicle leasing in Maryland notable for saving money, it’s also credible for its incredible versatility. Once your lease agreement is up, you’ll have several options! For starters, you can purchase the vehicle you’ve been leasing at a lowered cost if you found it was the perfect fit. If you want to try out some exciting new features, you have the option to lease the latest model year of the car you’ve been leasing, as well. If your needs have changed, you can lease a different model of the same make, such as an SUV if you previously had a sedan. However, you’re always able to turn in your keys and walk away – no questions asked.

Go ahead and schedule an appointment with our Finance Department to start your leasing process today! We are always more than happy to help with figuring out the best-suited payment options for you, as well as answer any questions you may have. Visit your local Pohanka dealer today for dependable and worthwhile vehicle leasing in Maryland.

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Vehicle Leasing in MarylandVehicle Leasing in MarylandVehicle Leasing in Maryland